The key phrase here is ‘Write for your customers’ and I’m about to tell you why, so keep reading….

The example I’m using here is Force7gym who I’m currently working with, and the situation they’ve found themselves in perfectly highlights the point I want to get across in this post. They have an amazing gym in Lisburn and provide a personalised service, having never more than even clients at a time but they really need to get themselves out there and let people know just how good they are.

Essentially, where many businesses go wrong, and Fergus from the gym freely admits that he has been guilty of this, is that people have a tendency to write content for their business rather than their customers. The question you have to be asking when producing content is who is your ideal customer?

Once you’ve nailed this you can begin to produce content which will be useful to your client base rather than servicing your company.

I’ve produced this short video to show you what I’m talking about, its worth a watch and don’t be afraid to get in touch with us or even Force7gym if you like what you hear and want to know more.