I really enjoyed sitting down with Brendan Murphy who is an amazing Business Consultant in Lisburn. Brendan has made a huge difference to our business and anyone whos in a position to take on a business consultant should absolutely do it. If you’re not in position to do so then you probably need it more.

Here are some highlights of the conversation and what Brendan learned but you can get the full rundown on his fantastic blog. https://ghostconsultancy.com/ghost-stories-s-e-o-and-digital-marketing-with-beacon/


When we are planning our content (marketing) we need to ask ourselves the following questions.
Who is it for?
Why are they reading/watching this?
What action should they want to take?
What action do I want them to take?
Your website is to serve your customer, not your ego.
Avoid self-serving content.
Add value with your marketing.
Posts/Marketing should have a call to action.
Start with the end in mind.
Google always wants to give you the best answer.
When investing in your marketing, start with the following
Invest in your website.
Put tracking and Pixels on your website (a pixel is a thing on a website that follows you around online with advertising).
How do I get my content in front of potential clients?
How do I get back to my customers?
When investing in digital marketing play the long game.