COVID-19, You and Your Business!

You really would have to be living under a rock on a deserted island not to have been affected by the current COVID-19 situation in one way or another.

We here at Beacon want to give you a rundown of some small but effective changes that you can make to optimise your website and keep it relevant, to benefit both you and your clients.

It’s vital that you let your clients know exactly where they stand with regards to your product/service, simply because there are so many unknowns at the moment and people need constancy and consistency!

It can be as simple as adding an on-point banner to your website – your business status, opening hours, measures being taken, etc. which can then link to a PDF or page on your site giving full details of the COVID-19 measures you’ve implemented.

Essentially, transparency is key and this quick 2-minute video goes into a bit more detail, so have a look, see what you can do today to make a difference while we are all under this dark cloud and don’t be afraid to get in touch for a chat or to organise a more in-depth consultation – we’re here to help.