We recommend that by changing the focus of your website to your customers and away from your company you can make a huge difference to conversion rates.

It’s one of the first hurdles we generally come across with clients.

Case Study
We are currently working with NICIE (Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education) whose website is focused in and around the schools rather than aiming it towards their customers who, in this case, are the parents, of current and potential new pupils as well as the pupils themselves.
The simple process of changing the focus of who the website is for completely alters how they set about marketing it.

The same can be said for any company, including yours!
Here, we look at the few easy questions that will help you make that change.
The one thing you can do TODAY to make a difference to everything, particularly your conversion rate, is to take the most important page on your website and ask the following questions which are key to increasing your success;

  • Who is the page for?
  • Why are they on your site?
  • What action do they want to be able to take from having visited your website?
  • What need does that particular page serve for them?
  • What action do YOU want THEM to take?

Taking your best page and rewriting it with all of this in mind and ensuring you complete the page with a strong call to action will dramatically change the behaviour of your website visitors. After that, it’s just a matter of taking this formula and duplicating it throughout your site.

So, don’t waste any more time. Pick a page on your website today and, if you find yourself unable to be objective then reach out to your customers, they’re your most valuable source of information!

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